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ASF Awards - Past Winners

Awards are presented in recognition of achievements attained during the past year, judged either by a group of peers, or representatives of 'the buy side'. In most cases, they are intended to recognise superior work performed by industry practitioners in the pursuit of superior investment returns for their clients.

This culminates in an award for general services to the industry, which usually reflects beyond the year in question. However, attention is also paid to the lighter side of the work of a stockbroker, as a mark of a true professional is the ability to see the lighter side of their work.

2023 Award Winners 
Hall of Fame             

Lucinda Chan -  Macquarie Private Bank.

Other awards 

Best IPO
Canaccord Genuity & Euroz Hartley (for Patriot Battery Metals)


Best Secondary Offer

Canaccord Genuity (for Resolute)

Best Block Trade 


Best Research
Bell Potter​


35-Year Service Awards

Andrew Shade

Paul Welsh

Jan Coe

Nicky Younger

Adam Davey

Anna Jurusic


Lucinda Chan - 2023 Hall of Fame

CANSTAR awards:

6 outstanding value – casual investors:

nabtrade, CMC Markets, IG Markets, Interactive Brokers. Saxo Markets, Trade for Good

Outstanding value – active investors:

IG Markets, CMC Markets, Interactive Brokers, Tiger Brokers

Outstanding value – trader:

IG Markets, CMC Markets, Interactive Markets, Marketech, Stake

Broker of the Year: CMC Markets

2022 Award Winners 
Hall of Fame             

Colin Bell, founder and former CEO and executive chairman of ASX-listed Bell Financial Group

Other awards 

Best IPO
Blue Ocean Equities

Best Block Trade
J P Morgan

Best Placement
Inyati Capital

Joint winners:


Service Awards

Bill Chatterton
Tim Crommelin
Ashley Greaves
Adam Griffiths
Andrew Horsbrugh
Vic Jokovic
Philip Lee
John Milroy
Bruce Porter
Ford Reynolds
Clare Rixon
Colin Russell
Tony Russell
Paul Shepherd
David Stewart
Peter Stock
Therese Stone
John Tuckerman

Screen Shot 2022-10-13 at 9.28.19 am.png

Colin Bell - 2022 Hall of Fame

2021 Award Winners 
Hall of Fame             

Brian Sheahan (Morgans)

Other awards 

Best IPO since 20 March 2020: Canaccord Genuity (for Kuniko)

Best Placement since 20 March 2020: Morgans (for Novonix)

Largest Block Trade since 20 March 2020: Goldman Sachs & Macquarie (for IPD Education)


Best Research: TS Lim (Bell Potter)

2019 Award Winners 
Hall of Fame             

Matthew Wigzell 

Other awards 

Best Research: Morgan Stanley 

Stock Picker of the Year:  Andrew Eddy, Morgans 

Block Trade Deal: Citi 

Best Corporate Deal: Taylor Collison

Best Dealing Desk: UBS

Credit and thanks to our event photographer:

Judith Lehmann

Brian_Sheahan_midshot (003).jpg

Brian Sheahan - 2021 Hall of Fame


Matthew Wigzell - 2019 Hall of Fame

2018 Award Winners 
Hall of Fame             

Danny Dreyfus

Other awards 

Best Research: David Errington, BoA ML

Stock Picker of the Year: Chris Conway, Australian Stock Report

Block Trade Deal: UBS & Morgan Stanley (for Woodside)

Best Corporate Deal: Pac Partners (for Titomic)

Best Dealing Desk: UBS

2017 Award Winners 

Hall of Fame             

Ian ("Duck") Edgar


Other awards 

Best Research: Russell Wright, APP Securities 

Stock Picker of the Year: Simon Coggins, Ord Minnett 

Block Trade Deal: UBS 

Best Corporate Deal: Cygnet Capital

Best Dealing Desk: UBS​

2016 Award Winners 

Hall of Fame             

Doug Clark


Other awards 

Best Research: APP Securities

Stock Picker of the Year: Michael Heffernan (Phillip Securities)

Block Trade Deal: Macquarie Securities

Best Corporate Deal: Hartleys

Best Dealing Desk: UBS

2014 Award Winners 

Hall of Fame             

Craig Mason

Other awards 

Best Research: Elaine Prior

Best Operator: CommSec

Best Tipster: Tony Paterno - Ord Minett

Best Deal: UBS

Best Corporate Deal: Fosters Stockbroking

Best Dealing Desk: Goldman Sachs

2012 Award Winners 

Hall of Fame             

David Trude

Other awards 

Best Research: Gerard Minack - Morgan Stanley
Best Operator: Bank of America Merrill Lynch
Best Tipster: Tony Paterno - Ord Minnett
Best Corporate Deal: JP Morgan (for Buru Energy)
Best Dealing Desk: Goldman Sachs

2015 Award Winners 

Hall of Fame             

Steve Harker & Ian Chambers (Morgan Stanley)        


Other awards 

Best Research: Morgan Stanley

Stock Picker of the Year: Geoff Safer (Australian Stock Report)

Private Client Adviser: Peter Smith

Best Deal: Goldman Sachs

Best Corporate Deal: Foster Stockbroking

Best Dealing Desk: Goldman Sachs

2013 Award Winners 

Hall of Fame             

Russell McKimm

Other awards 

Best Research: Dr Peter Richardson
Best operator: ABN Amro Clearing
Best Tipster: Michael Heffernan
Best Dealers Assistant: Ruth Travena - Ord Minnett
Best Corporate Deal: Hartleys (for Sirius)
Best Dealing Desk: UBS

2011 Award Winners 

Hall of Fame             

Richard Coppleson, Goldman Sachs


Other awards 

Best research: Citi 
Best operator: ASX 
Best private client tipster: Geoff Dwyer, Patersons 
Best corporate deal: Macquarie Private and RBS Morgans 
Best dealing desk: Goldman Sachs

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